Sunday, 20 February 2011

It's so cold in this house!

I'm not lying, it's pretty baltic in my house because the boiler has broken again. I also got royally dicked over by the public transport system today... that's what happens when you try and give something back...

On a better note, gig listings are growing and also our songs (Live & Studio) can be found at . Also we're doing two dates in the better half of the country next week, Wednesday the 23rd February at the "Green Door" in Leeds (with a shitload of D 'n' B artists) and the 25th at the "Live Lounge" in Blackburn, where we've played before and it was ace; the further north we go, the better gigs we have.

We're also staying in a hotel on friday night, so expect TVs to be thrown out of windows.

(Although admittedly we really can't afford the fine for that so we'll probably stick to free soap and any perishable items we find in the room.)

I've got nothing more to say, I'm just bored and can't sleep...

 - Onehand

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Just a load of pictures, really

Firstly, Dan in 20 years time. I'm on a mission to find this shirt for him as well just so he can really live the dream.

I don't think it's that questionable that we have a Cliff Richard calender in our student house. It shows our sensitive side.

2011 is underway. Another gig at the o2 Academy 3 down with The British Kicks. 
Predicatably this was awesome, thanks to the other bands that played (Bungalows and Slim Fit Gym Kit) and we even have some lovely photos courtesy of Zoe Shannon, who keeps following us around... so long as she keeps pumping out stuff like this we don't mind.

Captured at the exact moment that two of us tried to escape the stage.

Jim looking suitably epic.

Also another Kasbah gig under our belts, we'll let everyone know when the next one is. (Although that would be more functional if anyone actually READ this blog, it's more for my own amusement than anything. So it's fine for me to say things like, Dumbledore dies at the end of the 6th book. And Gok Wan is a tosser.) 80p drinks on a student night! Such an ace night out! And for anyone else with a short attention span, the lasers in the main room are magical.

Also on the way from us is a 6 Track "E.P." although technically it'll be a mini album at 6 tracks. We spent two days in Moonbase Studios in Coventry recording three new tracks forthis sole purpose, with John Lotshaw who is not only an ace producer he's also a ridiculously nice guy. And he has a Vox AC30.
We're getting these printed as soon as possible and will be selling them for £4 a go -any ideas for a good E.P. launch venue?
Moonbase also looked really goddamn cool.

 That'll do, probably... Back to a serious session of season 6 of Lost and the prospect of getting on it tonight because it's Chinese NY and that's as good an excuse as any... plus it'll mean a Chinese Takeaway.

Finally, some artwork courtesy of Dudders -

And a picture of the man himself.

What a dickhead.