Sunday, 20 February 2011

It's so cold in this house!

I'm not lying, it's pretty baltic in my house because the boiler has broken again. I also got royally dicked over by the public transport system today... that's what happens when you try and give something back...

On a better note, gig listings are growing and also our songs (Live & Studio) can be found at . Also we're doing two dates in the better half of the country next week, Wednesday the 23rd February at the "Green Door" in Leeds (with a shitload of D 'n' B artists) and the 25th at the "Live Lounge" in Blackburn, where we've played before and it was ace; the further north we go, the better gigs we have.

We're also staying in a hotel on friday night, so expect TVs to be thrown out of windows.

(Although admittedly we really can't afford the fine for that so we'll probably stick to free soap and any perishable items we find in the room.)

I've got nothing more to say, I'm just bored and can't sleep...

 - Onehand

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