Monday, 22 November 2010

The Fun Bus - 23/08/2010

The fun bus. The new stackwagon.
To be honest Jimmy's face says it all. Arguably a bit suggestive about the mental state of us when put together, but that aside, it's the best bus we've ever been in. It fits all the gear in, along with 10 people, an electric wheelchair lift on the back (which we broke... almost immediately), some questionable electrical work and a pretty piss-poor collection of CDs.

This picture was just before our gig in Burbage at the Cross Keys, a nice pub in effectively the quietest town ever. Dudley got heckled for eating a pasty right before we played, and we did try and get 'rosie' from the local co-op to come and watch us play but with no results.
Further proof that the fun bus (a.k.a "Stackwagon") is awesome. The simpletons of the rhythm section have never BEEN happier, and neither will you be if you see it around.

You stay classy.
- Ben

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