Monday, 22 November 2010

Some insightful... stuff - 4/10/2010

Back at uni in Walsall for Ben and Dudley, so it's perfectly acceptable to still be in bed at half 12. Unless you're Dan, Mr "I always get up at half 8" or whatever he wants us to believe...
 Based on this picture, I don't trust that statement. This does make me laugh way too much though, including our good friend chubbsy who's in the background there!

Last night we played an 18th birthday party which went absolutely mental. Being the responsible 20 year olds that we are we used a massive PA system to encourage an 18 year old to drink shots until he was sick. The power you have when you've got a microphone! Also as soon as we started climbing on the scenery it immediately made it ok for everyone else to as well. We're a good influence.

and now, the weather.
Thankyou Stafford for letting us abuse your green screen facilities. Well, thanks for leaving the door open so we can just wander in.

Nothing much more to say for now. Looking forward to two UFC events in 2 weeks, October 16th in London!

For our gigs, as always, check the listings on! We've had some really good feedback over the mountain of gigs we've been working through recently so thanks everyone for the appreciation - keep listening, keep watching, keep following, keep talking to us! We're a lovely group of morons!

Thanks for watching. Ben

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