Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Nonchalance, and it's benefits.

I wouldn't say my existence is meaningless, but I will say it's fairly uneventful. Considering my only commitments are gigs, practises and studio time (their own frequency aside) it's no real surprise that having an analytical essay to do has shcoked me to the point that I've had to get drunk to deal with it. In my time of a writing crisis, I've turned to beer, and I'm still on a voyage of discovery to see if the two things compliment each other. So far this is going pretty well, it's making it much easier to 'blog'.

Also winter has decreased the gig scene a huge amount. Quick gripe there. But things are picking up for the new year; so I can not only be shocked by having to do some work to further my third year degree course, I can forget about it with very little guilt or battling with any kind of conscience.

Conscience is something that a healthy alcohol diet for a couple of years has eradicated, so no worries about point number two. It also brings us back to what will be a running theme of this post: How intoxicated Ben is, and how he's about to begin on wine. I don't like wine, but I'll drink it now I'm out of beer.

Coming back round the gig thing, we've still got the Birmingham Academy 3 gig coming up on the 15th December and tickets are still on sale. So, anyone reading this blog on the offchance, get in contact if you need tickets. Other than that we're setting gigs up for the new year in Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry,
as well as hopefully revisiting our preferred locales such as Northampton and Blackburn. The land that time forgot.

Is it a new discovery to me, or is chatroulette a forgone conclusion? There's a lot of pressing next and the occasional reaction of "OH, that isn't RIGHT". It's serving as tonights entertainment in my house. That and Comedy Central, the cause of my academic downfall. Personally, I'd want to do something more fulfilling, like going on our myspace and checking out our tunes.

A cat. Just a Cat.

Merchandise on the way for the 15th December, and recording time early January, so stay tuned, and check your local listings.

Your friend in time - Ben

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