Friday, 24 December 2010

With some brief time off...

There it is! The mark of our first gig at the Birmingham o2 Academy 3. We've been breaking in to Birmingham a bit, and this seems like a pretty solid place to start. Thank you very much to the lads in 'Mezzotonic' ( for putting on the gig and asking us to play, and 'Fly by Nature' ( for providing support as well. We also got to bimble about in a dressing room and, way more importantly, we got free beer. Also there was a spoon stuck in the light fitting, which must have taken a considerable degree of effort and genius thinking.

If you missed this gig, or just want to come down again, we're supporting the British Kicks at their E.P. launch on the 26th January in the same locale. So please get in contact with us if you want more details!

Being that it's the festive period and we've got a pretty successful year under our novelty bottle opener and Batman belts, esteemed friend and father of the band Mr. Jack Russell threw us a 'Stacks Christmas Bash' a week previous to Christmas day. Most bands host Christmas gigs with cheap drinks as a get together for friends and family, but we threw our callousy fingers up at this idea and decided we'd just get shitfaced on our own and alienate the population of Burbage in the process (including a landlord that didn't appreciate our version of 'Angels'... at all). It ended in Peckleton with a buffet of manly food, The Prodigy's greatest hits, a massive amount of drunken dancing and 72 cans of lager.

There are no photographs.

 Final shout out goes to Dec O'mara of Redbox Film, who shot, edited and created our first music video for 'The New Era' in a workshop in Barwell; the trailer and his other works can be found at We'll have the video available shortly, it looks ace! We also took the opportunity for the standard moody photo shoot:

The Set:

"Look angry at life in general." 

...Jump around:

Come on, lads. Keep it together for ten fucking minutes.

From a fledgling foursome at the o2 arena London to where we are now, gig wise, set wise and fans wise, we've had a great 2010, a big thank you from all of us! New E.P., COMPLETELY new merchandise and gigs being booked up for 2011 are the next things to look out for. 

Festive high fives all around! 
Your friend in time - Ben!/pages/The-Stacks/111971585493489
*Photographs courtesy of Zoe Shannon, Dec O'mara and Andrew Benge. And Ben's Phone.

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