Thursday, 3 March 2011

Adventures, artistic genius and... Ants

Alliteration has never been my strong point. Especially not in threes.

We're fresh off a 'tour' of the North... 'tour' in inverted commas because we only did two dates. One at the Greendoor in Leeds and one at the Live Lounge. We also did a photoshoot in Cheltenham (courtesy of the increasingly useful Zoe Shannon) which heralded the first time we've been in a proper studio. This inevitably turned us into bumbling morons but (more due to Zoe than us) we got some pretty cool shiz out of. Results on the way.

If anyone wants us to get us more gigs up north, feel free, we always go down well and we always have an ace time - Leeds courtesy of Josh Pontin, who put on the night with us and some D 'n' B and Dubstep artists which kicked the after party off real nice. I can't think of anything that makes you feel more famous than getting VIP entrance to a club afterwards, which definitely happened. We still had to pay to get in but that's beside the point.

I don't remember getting home.

The day after was live recording in Leeds, which we may or may not see results from; we finally got the chance to record "Smash & Crash" so hopefully it turned out ok!

We also saw this GIANT worm.

That kind of links into ants... it's an invertebrate creature.

In other news, songs are up on the facebook, the lovely lovely facebook. Head on over to to check it all out! 6 tracks on there that will feature on our EP which SHOULD be coming to us very very soon! Although I keep saying that... We just need a design.

Which brings me to my final point, which is my magnificent EP cover designs. I'll be posting these consistently so keep tabs. I know I will be.

Sponsored by Hayabusa fight gear, and Windows paint. Thoughts and feelings would be greatly appreciated.

Your friend in time - Ben

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