Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Yes Blog!

A couple of reasons why I like being in my safe european home in Nuneaton:

   1 - All the awful metal I used to listen to (e.g. Megadeth & Gojira) is still on this computer. Reminiscing is fun.
   2 - I have the internet again. Which is very important, as any other male will understand. You know, for... e-mails... and stuff.
   3 - I'm surrounded by cats, which is always good. Like this cheeky chappy!

He's malting as well, so I keep fucking finding bits of him everywhere. Sometimes it's enough fur to make another cat if I wanted... but just the one pigeon killing, food inhaling, shouty cat is enough.
   4 - I can get back on track with band stuff that my pesky 'degree' got in the way of. Which is why I'm contributing loads with this helpful handy blog.

I did try and have a look for some other music people on blogspot... didn't find a lot to be honest yet, maybe not a lot of bands do this. I found lots of photographers and lots of 'family' blogs... lots of people in knitted jumpers, that sort of thing. And a big one about cake! (Click the word cake and it will take you to cake. The cake isn't a lie.)

Since the last time I updated this we've been doing more of the same, gigging as much as possible, getting our standard 40 minutes of exercise. Pretty much the only exercise I do now... at all.

Lots of Birmingham (well, digbeth) with Pulp Fiction loving lads "The British Kicks", A spot in Accrington with our BFF's from Lancashire "The Yellow Chantys" (like them here or myspace them here), and the standard tearing it up in Northampton at the SU or NB's bar! Our main contact in Northampton is gone now... so we'll have to figure something out because I want to play in a cave again. A cave with fish such as this in it -

I wish attaching myself to glass by my face was the only thing I had to do everyday.

As per usual peeps, go on our myspace or the facebook for all your music needs; everyone's going on holiday over the next couple of weeks so we're taking a wee bit of time off, but we'll be back to assault your ears and eyes again. We're still writing and practising and recording so stay tuned, and check your local listings!

Finally, Jim and Dan enjoying each other's company...

And us hungover to fuck in the studio at Leeds Uni.

Your friend in time - Ben.

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